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Best Sights In Call of Duty

When playing call of duty the most important thing that goes into a winning kill ratio is being able to get bullets on enemy players.  There are two methods for this to happen.  Either ‘spray-and-pray’, which is hip firing a ton of bullets inaccurately, or using well placed tactical shots using sights.  Watch any professional Call Of Duty players online and you’ll see their strategy is to always go for the more accurate shots on target.  This allows them to aim for the head for a quicker kill and lets them save ammunition for a latter engagement. 

To get accurate shots you’ll need to use perks and enhance your rifle with upgraded sights.  The basic sights that come on any gun as a default are referred to as ‘iron sights’.  These are the physical front and back sights that are used to line up the gun barrel with the target.  Some players like to use iron sights because it saves their upgrades for other gun accessories but the majority of players will invest in upgraded sights.  When first starting an online campaign upgraded sights are locked and only become available after you reach certain kill milestones with each gun.  The quality of the sights that are unlocked increase as you gain higher levels.  There are three categories of sights available to players.

Holographic Sights – These sights are definitely an upgrade over iron sights.  They block less of the surrounding environment when you are looking through them and project a red reticle over the target.  This makes for faster target acquisition and better kill streaks.  It should be noted that these sights are based on real world products.  Many of the same sights you find in the game can be purchased online from websites which do sight reviews of the best red dot sights.  Players should be using these in close quarter battles on maps where there is not a lot of open space. Usually sights like these have no magnification.

Telescopic Sight – When you want to add some range accuracy to an assault rifle or sniper rifle you need to utilize a telescopic sight. This will give a magnified picture of the targets down range from where you are looking.  It enables players to engage enemies from a much further distance, providing cover fire or defending map objectives.  A sniper needs to find a well concealed spot where other players can’t flank them.  Once they are in this position they can control most of them map with well placed shots.

Thermal Sight – When you want to be able to see players in a low contrast environment, or see through smoke then a thermal sight is the way to go.  These sights pick up on the heat signatures of other players and shows them as white silhouettes against a dark background.  Simply aim for the big white blobs and you’ll be on the targets body.  This type of sight is good for outdoor maps or ones with lots of long alleys.  Thermal sights may not be effective against anyone using the ‘cold blooded’ perk which makes them invisible to any heat sensors.  To counteract this be sure to have a secondary weapon which can engage the appropriately.


How To Determine A Solid Investment In Gaming

When picking stocks or any form of investment it is important to do your due diligence. The details of a trade are often more important than the overall impression of an investment’s performance. More times than not upon further inspection an otherwise healthy trade may fall apart based on any number of criteria. When doing your pre research there are a few trusted names in the industry and few standard measurements you can make to gauge if a trade is worthwhile or not.

First where are we looking? Online there are many data sources available to us. Some of them are good, others are malicious. As with penny-stock scams in the past, false information can be disseminated online to result in significant modification of a stocks price. This is false inflation of the market and considered a felony if you are caught. In order to avoid these potential pitfalls in through misinformation, there are trusted establishments where you can go straight to the horses mouth so to speak. The most popular websites to use for accruing trading information in real time traditionally are, Wall Street Journal, Google Business, Yahoo Business, and MSN Money. These foundations of online corporate business traffic vast volumes of information and categorize it in clear and effective ways. Click here for Professional stock picking services which will leverage these tools wisely to provide the highest quality and most accurate information available.

What are we looking for? This is not as straightforward as you may think. There are many indicators to indicate the performance of a stock or other asset. The most common for financial assets are trading volume, cash flows, asset to debt ratios, profit to earnings ratio known as P/E, the amount of payments past due and the rate at which this number is changing, a stocks beta, proximity to 52 week high, and most importantly the team that is running the show. In addition, the history of the company and new information on the it’s anticipated future products or activities that will result in financial gain or loss for the company will be important. This last aspect can be in the form of intended layoffs, or new products. Both of which will inevitably affect the stock.

An example analysis of gaming juggernaut Activision Blizzard, inc (ATVI) on Google finance at first glance shows a healthy stock. The price is reaching a 52 week high which forces us to assume it will experience a downswing to compensate for it’s recent growth. The beta of the company, also known as it’s elasticity according to the market is .82 meaning it doesn’t experience as much volatility as the market. It’s more resilient to fluctuations which is a good thing. In addition, with a trading volume of 6.63 million there is enough liquidity to enter and exit your position when you feel it is time. You never want to buy stock that has such low Volume that you can’t find a buyer or seller when you need. The leadership of Activision is solid. Reuters bio’s show the leadership team has more than 100 years combined experience in the field and have a track record of success. The company itself is known for the largest games of the last 2 decades. With games like Warcraft, Starcraft, WoW, Diablo the company has enough recurring subscription revenue to make it to the the second coming. In addition, they have a new game coming to market this fall for the holidays. What makes this release so special is the fact that it is an entirely new franchise for the gaming giant. Blizzard has only released 4 main titles in 20 years. This inclusion of this new line is sure to be reinforced with significant market data, development, and cutting edge technologies that are bound to ensure it’s success.

In addition to the game itself, entire industries will spin off of products like this. It’s closest competitor, World of Warcraft, which is an open source competitor has a vast industry of how-to-game tutorial blogs like pvp guides. This opportunity will reinforce the markets adoption of the platform and turn it into a standard for gaming for the next 5 years. Based on these factors it is reasonable to assume that in the short term, Activision will see a short term fall in stock price as the market compensates for its exceptional recent growth. This will end mid summer and begin to rise again to a new 52 week high before the holidays for the release of it’s new masterpiece.

How to Setup A Drone

When you first buy a quadcopter, also referred to as a ‘drone’, you’ll want to take it out flying right away, but there is a setup process that must be completed first before you get it airborne. The setup process for getting a quadcopter flight worthy is short but important. It is important that you follow along and complete all of the setup steps or else the quadcopter may not be configured correctly resulting in an unbalanced flight.

The first thing you need to do is get your hands on a quadcopter itself. You can usually find one at your local hobby shop or toy store. If not you can always search online. There are plenty of review sites that list the top drones to buy. The price of the drone can range anywhere from 100$ to 500$ for high end quadcopters.

Once you have the drone purchased the next step is to unbox it. In the box should be all the materials you’ll need to get flying. This includes the frame, battery, motors, blades, and transmitter. The box should include and instruction manual which you’ll follow to assemble the quad. If you lose the instruction manual you should be able to find printable instructions online.

The first step in setting up the drone is to attach all the pieces of the frame together. There should be four arms that connect to a central platform. The arms will either be screwed into the platform or there will be places where they can snap in. It is critical that the arms have a solid connection because they can be jarred loose from the vibration while flying.

Next you will put the flight controller board into the central housing platform. The controller board is responsible for giving commands to the motors and receiving commands from the transmitter. This is a very fragile piece of the quad so be sure to handle it with care. It is housed in a case that is screwed to the platform.

The next stew is to run the wiring from the controller board out through each of the four arms. These wires will power the motors that are not installed just yet. Feed the wires through the holes in the arms and be sure they are not loose enough to get caught on anything. This step will require some soldering so be sure to have one available. The solder the connections between the wires and the control board being careful not to drip any solder on the electronics.

Once the wiring is done it is time to install the motors. For this you will need the screws that came in the quad box. Use a screwdriver to mount each motor to an arm. The counter clockwise motors will need to be placed opposite of each other in order to get the right thrust profile.

The final step is to attach the blades to the motors. The blade direction must match up with the motor direction or else the blades may be spinning backwards I flight, causing massive instability. Once you have this all set up the quad will be ready for flight.

There is one additional step if you would like to use your new toy to take photographs. My friend William Petruzzo, who is a professional wedding photographer from Maryland, implements the use of drones in his work on occasion. There is an additional step in which you can attach a camera to the quadcopter to take pictures from above the action for some great shots without the high cost of the traditional equipment.

Playing League of Legends as a Professional

Many games have tried to set the stage for a professional sporting event as big as that which has been established by Riot Studios with their award winning game League of Legends. Players from all over the world compete daily in attempts to become one of the best players in their region with dreams of being picked up by a professional team who has already established themselves in the pro circuit. There is much glory and money to be earned at this level of competition but only a few out of the 10′s of millions of players that wish they could participate. With that amount of competition being present and there only so many hours in the day becoming a professional League of Legends player is a monumental task but can be accomplished if you follow some of these guidelines established by team Cloud 9 who is a newcomer on the scene and has been domination. They truly understand what it takes to go from a great player to one that cannot be defeated.

1. Study Harder Than You Play

It is quite easy to lose yourself in the game of League of Legends and end up playing continuously for 10 hours. Even in this huge amount of time you may only be able to complete a total of 10 games which will not enhance your skill too much. You can see how quickly the time would add up if you wanted to become a professional player simply by playing the game to no end. This is why the first and most important suggestion is that you study the game harder than you play. By understanding the ins and outs of the games and its champions you will be miles ahead of someone who has just been playing back to back games. This can be done by reading League of Legends guides which exist across the internet and offer many tips and tricks that could take hours to discover on your own. By understanding some of the concepts and learning things that other players have spent hours uncovering, you can exponentially increase the rate at which you improve your gameplay.

2. Focus and Commitment

A strong mind is required to stay focused for the entire hour of the game and you need to be alert and on your toes during a game of League of Legends. This can be enhanced by taking care of your body and consuming healthy foods and excersising. This may seem a bit silly but it has been proven that working out and maintaining muscle helps increase your brain and bodies ability to function at its peak. This can be taken care of in 15 minutes every day if you get a pair of adjustable dumbbells for a home gym. Just read through some information to discover good deals on leading adjustable dumbbells.

3. Enjoy Yourself

There is nothing worse than investing much time and effort into something just to end up being too burnt out to pursue your dreams anymore. We know you are probably an avid gamer but too much of a good thing can result in something that you don’t want. We recommend that you have fun while playing and take breaks to play other leading games like Minecraft which basically require no thinking but are enjoyable.  All you need is an affordable minecraft server host and you can quickly swap between games to relax a bit and clear your mind.

Overall it is suggested that you have a good balance in your life between playing League of Legends among other games. Don’t spend all of your time playing though if you want to be the best. Make sure to utilize every tool available to you such as guides, streams and instructional videos to hone in your skills.

League of Legends Itemization and Choices

When I still posted actively in rogue forums, there were a lot of trash to sort through but Darksol was one of the few, few rogues that I agreed with. From the way he theorycrafted, to the way he quickly obtained level 70 and crafted his mace (although it is now replaced by gladiator’s fist weapon, proving the superiority of fist weapon spec), if you read my “A Rogue Who Is Stronger Than Me” post way back in January, you knew my opinion on Darksol’s potential, and sure enough, him and Renwyk are part of the number one team in our battleground.

Armory allows me to watch my competitions carefully, and I have all my rivals bookmarked and check them every other day or so. I know earlier in the week Darksol obtained Gladiator’s Shanker, the 1.8 speed, 88 DPS weapon with a boat load of stats. He went 41/20 mutilate briefly, probably hated the positioning and poisoning requirements, and went back to 18/43 full combat. Yet for some reason he is still using the 1.3 speed 72 DPS blue dagger from Botanica. I know how important combat potency is for a combat rogue, and how important a fast offhand dagger is. However, is 0.5 speed really worth a whopping 16 DPS difference and significantly more stats? I guess I really have to look into the gladiator’s shiv for offhand if I try full combat again, unless I want to go back to heroics and obtain 50 badges for Searing Sunblade. I think 7 DPS, significantly more stats for Gladiator shiv should be worth 0.1 speed, or at least shouldn’t be a real difference. On the other hand, I use shiv a lot, and fist weapon shivs are normalized into 2.4 speed, dagger shivs are 1.7 speed, and as a result, a gladiator’s fist will shiv way harder than a gladiator’s shiv, for 4 more energy, decisions, decisions . . .

With slice and dice up:

1.8 gladiator fist will hit 14.4 times every 20 seconds
1.4 gladiator shiv will hit 18.5 times every 20 seconds

4 extra hits at 85% hit rate (factor in opponent dodge and parry, it is probably lower than 85%) you get 10 extra energy from hitting a non-moving target with a shiv for 20 seconds over a left ripper.

With left ripper and 1200 attack power your shiv does 419 damage for 38 energy, shiv does 317 damage for 34 energy. This is because fist weapon shivs are normalized at 2.4, and dagger shivs are normalized at 1.7.  Fist offhand also gets 5% crit, which shiv doesn’t get. I don’t know, I am leaning toward fist offhand personally.

A part of me want to continue to walk down the path of 41/20 mutilate, for there are very, very few top 5v5 rogues using this spec, and it is something I can hold unique to myself. Yet I also have to look at the opportunity cost here. I have enough arena points for either the shiv or offhand fist. If I choose combat fists, I will be using two 88 DPS weapons with the best possible stats instantly, with the rest of my gear, I will be one of the best geared rogues in any battlegroup. I will also have arena points to pick up the throwing axe, armor and what not and quickly reach my 300+ resilience goal. With the raised gladiator weapon costs, for me to obtain two daggers for mutilate, it is 5300 points, that is over a month’s worth of arena points, by the time I obtain two gladiator shankers, I will be behind in gear compared to my competitions.

Prior to my retirement, I was best known as a combat rogue. A spec very few played seriously for PVP, I made multiple movies with it and believed in it 100%. Now, Happyminti (and 99% of my competition) is a combat rogue, and I am a dagger rogue. It is quite the irony. Maybe I didn’t spend enough time playing combat last week to give it serious consideration? Or maybe I really see something in combat mutilate other people don’t?

This week due to conflicting raid schedules, our team was forced to take a two-day break. After a disappointing 15-11 start, we played 8 games yesterday. The very first game was against Phlee (these of you remember his infamous appearance in my RPPVP movie). Fighting Phlee is always a strange experience. Taking Barberalla over him was against everything the Naruto series ever taught me, that friendship should be valued over everything else in life, including your thirst for power. I sometimes feel like Sasuke who had to cut his ties to reach the next level, I am sure other team managers feel the same way. Do you want to play with friends or want to build the best possible team? And inevitably, when player trades are bound to happen, can you really be all business or do you take consideration of the times you have been together?

Then again, Phlee’s team did beat us in the opening game, and took a whopping 22 points away from us. I honestly felt like some fat kid just took my lunch money in a cafeteria, the past was forgotten and all I wanted to do was to @##$% him up. I don’t know why, but nothing feels like a team from your own server (and ESPECIALLY your own faction and ESPECIALLY someone you know very well) taking points away from you. It just . . . hurts a lot more! We managed to win the next four and when the day ended, we were 7-1 with a rating of 2022. We are still 29 points behind last week’s numbers, and hopefully we can get it next 2-3 days. This week we had players going back to school and conflicting raid schedules. I will be happy to maintain the same rating we had last week due to inactivities.

Top Five 5v5, 3v3, 2v2 Class Ratios & Talent Specs

Things to keep in mind:
- These are the players on the top five 5v5 teams across all battlegroups
- Anyone who has played less than 30% of their teams total games so far this week has been ommited.
- This counts how many people were specced which way and also totals the points in each spec as well.
- It will also show an average next to each spec. This is the average number of points put in that tree for anyone who put more than 0 points into that tree.
- It also shows the max number and minimum number of points put into that tree for anyone who put more than 0 points into that tree.
- This has probably grabbed some raid specced individuals, so keep that in mind.

Totals: (444 members queried)
Alliance Teams: 31
Horde Teams: 39

Warrior Total: 76 — (17%)
- Arms Total: 70 — Total pts – 2441 (Avg: 32 -for 76 Warriors) (Min: 5 – Max: 41)
- Fury Total: 1– Total pts – 1814 (Avg: 24 -for 75 Warriors) (Min: 5 – Max: 41)
- Protection Total: 5– Total pts – 381 (Avg: 8 -for 47 Warriors) (Min: 1 – Max: 50)

Paladin Total: 75 — (17%)
- Holy Total: 72– Total pts – 3031 (Avg: 40 -for 75 Paladins) (Min: 5 – Max: 51)
- Protection Total: 2– Total pts – 1428 (Avg: 20 -for 71 Paladins) (Min: 11 – Max: 48)
- Retribution Total: 1– Total pts – 116 (Avg: 17 -for 7 Paladins) (Min: 2 – Max: 56)

Mage Total: 62 — (14%)
- Arcane Total: 27– Total pts – 1348 (Avg: 25 -for 54 Mages) (Min: 2 – Max: 49)
- Fire Total: 9– Total pts – 527 (Avg: 31 -for 17 Mages) (Min: 3 – Max: 56)
- Frost Total: 26– Total pts – 1907 (Avg: 33 -for 58 Mages) (Min: 3 – Max: 61)

Priest Total: 62 — (14%)
- Discipline Total: 12– Total pts – 1600 (Avg: 26 -for 61 Priests) (Min: 7 – Max: 51)
- Holy Total: 36– Total pts – 1500 (Avg: 28 -for 53 Priests) (Min: 2 – Max: 47)
- Shadow Total: 14– Total pts – 682 (Avg: 43 -for 16 Priests) (Min: 13 – Max: 61)

Shaman Total: 46 — (10%)
- Elemental Total: 22– Total pts – 960 (Avg: 29 -for 33 Shamans) (Min: 3 – Max: 40)
- Enhancement Total: 4– Total pts – 328 (Avg: 16 -for 21 Shamans) (Min: 3 – Max: 42)
- Restoration Total: 20– Total pts – 1517 (Avg: 33 -for 46 Shamans) (Min: 19 – Max: 58)

Warlock Total: 35 — (8%)
- Affliction Total: 14– Total pts – 737 (Avg: 23 -for 32 Warlocks) (Min: 3 – Max: 45)
- Demonology Total: 15– Total pts – 749 (Avg: 23 -for 33 Warlocks) (Min: 3 – Max: 45)
- Destruction Total: 6– Total pts – 649 (Avg: 20 -for 32 Warlocks) (Min: 11 – Max: 54)

Rogue Total: 34 — (8%)
- Assasination Total: 13– Total pts – 1015 (Avg: 30 -for 34 Rogues) (Min: 16 – Max: 49)
- Combat Total: 10– Total pts – 528 (Avg: 26 -for 20 Rogues) (Min: 3 – Max: 45)
- Subtlety Total: 11– Total pts – 526 (Avg: 28 -for 19 Rogues) (Min: 7 – Max: 44)

Hunter Total: 33 — (7%)
- Beast Master Total: 4– Total pts – 189 (Avg: 21 -for 9 Hunters) (Min: 1 – Max: 46)
- Marksman Total: 29– Total pts – 1291 (Avg: 39 -for 33 Hunters) (Min: 5 – Max: 48)
- Survival Total: 0 — Total pts – 533 (Avg: 17 -for 32 Hunters) (Min: 3 – Max: 30)

Druid Total: 21 — (5%)
- Balance Total: 0 — Total pts – 0 (Avg: 0 -for Druids) (Min: 0 – Max: 0)
- Feral Total: 10– Total pts – 584 (Avg: 28 -for 21 Druids) (Min: 5 – Max: 50)
- Restoration Total: 11– Total pts – 602 (Avg: 29 -for 21 Druids) (Min: 11 – Max: 55)


1) Warlocks are definitely gaining power in 5v5, as stamina and resilience continue to get higher, “kill the warlock first” is easier said than done.

2) Shadow priest is indeed viable in 5v5, and if I can not find a good warlock it may be good to promote from within once Jesta completes his shadow PVP gear, at the heart he is still a shadow priest.

Rough Start To The Tournament Scene

With two of our members going away for the weekend, we had to juggle the line-up a little. We started the night with warrior, rogue, priest and double paladin. We had a very hard time against a warrior + feral druid, elemental shaman, priest and paladin team. As a turtling team, the worst possible match-up is another turtling team with more versatility. And to add more salt to the injury, it is a team with significantly lower rating than us. We started 0-3 against that matrix tonight for 20+ points each, toss in a DC loss for another 20+ against a team we have yet to lose to, and suddenly we were down 90 points for the week. Such is the life of arena, fortunately, time is on our side.

Playing a tri-healer team really requires you to have a 0.5 healer 0.5 DPS type of character in the line-up for maximum versatility. This is why I think until Bobcake obtains his deep thunder in a few days, we probably have to shelf the double paladin line-up for now. With a double holy paladin team, if I get focus fired, my DPS goes down dramatically, and one warrior isn’t enough to kill anyone. The warrior + 2.5.5 healer team took advantage of this very weakness, and pounded me hard every game. We really didn’t have an answer for it. We played a little double warrior, double paladin + rogue, it is extremely strong against some matrices, especially with the new warrior buffs and the 1350 HP unremovable commanding shout. We made back about 30 something points and called it a night.

I can say feral druids lost very little in 5v5. The bear form damage nerf doesn’t hurt the true purpose of that form at all. You still can’t DPS down a druid in bear form backed by healers unless you are running a double caster DPS team. The druid was on me as cat form most of the times with the warrior and his DPS is still the same as I remembered, and made my life as a dagger rogue very miserable. Priest on the other hand also didn’t seem to have lost too much durability. Jesta and priests from other teams for that matter really don’t seem to be much softer than before.

Either way, Bobcake will be getting a lot of playing time early this week as holy, and toward the end of the week, he will play retribution exclusively on our 3v3 team as a warm-up. We finished 4th last week in 5v5, but my 2v2 and 3v3 teams got a combined 12 games between them, and lost a lot of ranking. I probably have to spend a little more time there. I expect to fully integrate Bobcake into the 5v5 line-up as a retribution paladin around this time next week. I can’t wait to see the results.

We are not an elite team right now, however the one thing we have been able to do, is a lot of experiments. I really believe as long as we are within striking distance of other top teams in the BG, I don’t mind paying tuitions early. I am learning a lot as a player, coach and manager. While my ability to read an enemy line-up and call out the best possible plays improved over the first a few weeks, I still have a lot of work to do. Oddball line-ups hurt us a lot, because I am not very good at calling out the right plays against non-standard teams yet.

I really don’t think high level 5v5 is all about assist training the same target until it dies, which is the way most of our games work right now, win or lose. Imagine focus firing a priest to force blessing of freedom and even blessing of protection on him, then suddenly switching the full DPS to their rogue. Or how about use one of your three DPS’s to shut down one of theirs while your other two work on a healer? As stamina and resilience climb to very high levels toward the end of the season, I think teamwork will be far more delicate than it is now. Do you play double/triple team or do you plan man-to-man? It really isn’t as obvious as it sounds. Switching from a very predictable game plan to a more dynamic one is painful, but I believe will be worth it in the end.

Call of Duty Power Ups

If there is one thing I learned from watching the armory, it is that there are many viable class matrix’s in high level play. Once you have the holy trio of warrior, paladin and priest, you have to develop a line-up based on the players you have available, instead of trying to recruit players to fit a certain line-up. Players on my team brought up the fact that of all the 2000+ teams, Akatsuki is probably the one with the longest roster, and this is a significant disadvantage as the season moves forward. Lucero’s team, Dominion of Chaos, is basically gaining almost twice as much as experience with the same number of games played, as they play the exactly one line-up every night and can fully adjust for the strength and weakness of that one line-up.

I have to admit this week’s recruitment of a relatively inexperienced shaman was a direct attempt at mimicking Dominion of Chaos. However watching Naruto episode 134, made me realize one thing: to surpass a superior being, being a copy cat is not enough. Akatsuki must develop its own brand of playing style based on its own roster, instead of trying to take someone else’s line-up and force feed it. As a result, I have to put the shaman experience on hold. I will probably try to play 3v3 with him and get him some points, but I have to admit it was completely my fault to bring in a player who hasn’t really experienced level 70 PVP with his class, put him in a very bad line-up of paladin, paladin, shaman, and threw him directly into the teeth of the best team of our battlegroup. I take full responsibility for the 2-5 record with him, and the team will move on. We already have three different line-ups as it is, I really can’t afford to introduce a fourth one at this point. When we lose a game, we really need to think about why we lost, and what we need to do to win that game with the matrix we already have, instead of blaming the matrix. The line-ups we have are all standard matrix’s, there is nothing wrong with them, we just have to get better playing them.

We ran a warrior, rogue, druid, paladin and priest team on Thursday night and managed to catch Lucero’s Dominion of Chaos on a slump, and won 2-1. The advantage of playing against a higher rated team, is that despite of a 2-5 record for the week, we are even on points. To defeat Lucero, we have to play Akatsuki basketball. And for our future recruits, we will probably require them to acquire at least a 1850-1900 arena rating in 2v2 or 3v3. My team complained that it is not fair for them to work with a raw player, and I agree with them.

I wasted another 100g yesterday trying 16/45 combat fist and 30/31 seal fate fist. To be honest, this week was an ugly adjustment period for me. I do not have enough survivability without quick recovery. If I have a warlock on my team who will MT every game, I can probably get away with a full combat spec, but I dropped three times to a much lower rated team when they focus fired the hell out of me, our team lost two of these and I had to spec quick recovery. When I play seal fate fist however, there is just something missing. I still get owned by Darksol, Lucero’s full combat rogue, toe-to-toe. My damage feels really weak. It feels . . . very odd. I almost feel like I am playing an incomplete spec as combat, I really believe is meant to be played with potency and surprise attacks.

As a support melee (warrior, will always, always be primary melee), 41/20 mutilate really is more of my style. I can quickly KS -> CB mutilate a caster for 3500-4000 after expose armor as a nuke when the opportunity comes. I can apply expose armor much faster. And my damage is much stronger than 30/31. I know before my retirement, I was all about combat fist. I know combat fist is also the dominant spec at the moment among top rated rogues. However, instead of investing in an offhand fist or shiv, I will save points for a couple of weeks, and get a shanker, this way I can play both combat fist and combat mutilate, and be able to compare both builds without biases. I only plan on getting three piece arena armor this season (head, shoulder and leg, blue glove and chest with 35 resilience bonus is just as good) anyway in addition to the weapons, I should have plenty of points to work with. I will try to get the dagger from prince at some point instead of blowing another 2600 points on a second Gladiator Shanker.

We were able to finish back above 2000 thanks to a win over Lucero’s team. We will try to push for 2100. I have to get better at playing combat fist. I am struggling right now trying to redefine my playing style with the new spec. Next a few days I really have to get stronger.

The COD Showdown

So, naturally, when Nitrana, a bench player from Power Trip (Power Trip’s starting line-up, according to BG9, is warrior, mage, hunter, priest and paladin), challenged me to a 5v5 loser delete character, I am not stupid enough to accept that challenge. It is like Erick Dampier challenging Yao Ming to a “my best 5 vs your best 5?, loser leaves the NBA. I don’t think the other Ming would accept either.

However, I would like to find out whether BG9 is all hype or real deal, and exactly what my team has to do to reach their level. Quite a few teams from BG4 are also interested in finding out just exactly what makes Vhell “the inventor of 5v5?, Noktyn “the best warrior in WOW”. So, without further ado, I have asked members of Akatsuki to copy their characters to test server as soon as possible, hopefully this Sunday, it will be Ming vs Nitrana part 2, best of 7, Akatsuki vs Power Trip. A few other teams from my battlegroup will probably show up to play some friendly’s as well, I think they are very eager to compare themselves against the best team in the U.S.

It is easy to hide behind a stronger team. I just hope I won’t be disappointed like the way Ming vs Nitrana Part 1 ended. I think my team’s defensive style is extremely effective against tri-DPS teams. Perhaps Power Trip will show me a different light.

Opening Night For Shaman

Well, if you haven’t seen it, I suggest you take a look at the new Armory site, it is obviously still in beta and quite unstable, but I think Ctprofile will go out of business now every character in WOW gets an automatic profile that is also 100% accurate. Honestly, snooping is just too much fun, looking at the gear, build and stats of your opponents, what could be better? There is nothing to hide anymore. I absolutely love it. One thing I also noticed, is that virtually every single rogue of a top 5v5 arena team is combat fist. Heck, Darksol, one of my personal favorite rogues of the battlegroup, who already has the blacksmith hammer, still bought the gladiator fist this week. I was also surprised by the very poor performance of Niar, Otherguy and Vurtne, three big name players whose arena teams disappointed out of the gate. It is a long season and hopefully they will adjust.

The only question is whether you go quick recovery or surprise attacks. I had the misfortune of playing against Lucero’s team tonight with a brand new shaman. I foolishly assumed paladin, paladin, shaman is as good as paladin, paladin, priest. Quite honestly, it is not. Even with quick recovery, without the burst healing of priest, I went down very fast. Meanwhile, their priest was mana burning the hell out of our paladins. We got swept, 4-0, none of the games were competitive, and Lucero showed us why they are the best team of the battle group. We have a lot of adjustments to do in term of digesting the shaman into the line-up. We are just playing too many players night in and night out, and as a result our team lacks consistency.

Two DC’s for Jesta due to a storm in his area made us lose 26 points a piece to very low rated teams. Throw in the sweep administered by Lucero we lost another 32. Thankfully, it is still very early in the week, we are rated 1968 at the moment, we can recover for sure and finish hopefully in the 2050-2100 area this weekend. Lucero’s team really is at another level and I may have to reduce the size of my roster a little to compete with them. Their line-up is very consistent and their teamwork and chemistry is way ahead of us right now.

Anyway I am glad I no longer have to maintain my character profile on this page. You can find my profile here:

I think I am getting a little better with fist spec. Adjusting from mutilate to fist, I am probably at 80% right now. Timing on improved kick, the use of adrenaline rush and blade flurry, I really have margin for improvement. I was outplayed by Lucero’s rogue, Renwyk tonight. Despite of the sharingan, he took 3 out 4 openers, and the 4th opener we CSed each other at same time. They really did everything the way a number one team should do. I hope I can stabilize my line-up a little, and get my team to top form before Sunday’s showdown against Power Trip. I sincerely hope Lucero’s team will show up too, I think they are in a much better position to defeat Power Trip than Akatsuki with the way they are playing. While there is no way I would back away from Nitrana’s challenge, I think Lucero’s team should be the one to represent Vindication, at this particular time in the season. I would like to see Akatsuki vs Power Trip as a Ming vs Nitrana series, and Lucero’s team vs Power Trip as Vindication vs Bloodlust.